Using Buddy

How do you text Buddy?

Texting your buddy is easy. Simply:

  1. Think of a question you want answered
  2. Text the question to BUDDY on number 199 28339 (199BUDDY)
  3. Cost $4.50 which includes the reply message for free. Helpline: 1800 244 616.
  4. Wait a couple minutes
  5. A reply answer will then be sent back to your mobile
  6. Save the number in your phone and spread the word about the BUDDY service

Example Questions

  • Who is [insert name] from [insert location]?
  • Who is winning the footy and what quarter is it?
  • Where can I buy the novel “The Game” by Neil Strauss in Melbourne?
  • What is the address and phone number to “Bojangles Saloon Bar & Restaurant” in Alice Springs?
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?
  • Are there still tickets to Summadayze in Melboune?
  • Where is a nice place to eat in Cottesloe, Perth?
  • How can I stop my boyfriend from snoring?
  • What is a good short joke?
  • What is the population of Adelaide?
  • When will I find a girl/boyfriend?
  • Once you have heard a sound, where does the sound go?
  • Why is it called “Afterdark” when it is really Afterlight?
  • When does daylight savings start and finish?
  • Who sang the song “Champagne Supernova”?
  • How many US Presidents have there been?
  • What is the largest franchise in the world?
  • How many languages has the Bible been translated into?
  • Who said the famous quote “An eye for an eye, ends up making the whole world blind”?