Frequently Asked Questions
What type of Questions can I ask Buddy?
Buddy has the ability to answer any question asked. He will however not supply an answer to a question that may cost the user, or any other person their life, health, wealth, or happiness.

I sent Buddy a question, but I did not receive my answer back. How come?
In exceptional circumstances you may not receive your answer to your text message within a couple minutes. This may be because of a high influx of questions that causes delays or it may be a technical problem with the handset or phone carrier. The easiest solution is to contact [email protected] if you have not received your answer after 1hour.

Please state the following;
Your mobile number
The approximate time and date you sent the question to Buddy
The phone carrier you are with
The text of the question you sent to Buddy
Buddy will then trace your text and either give you a refund or push the answer out to your handset. The support email is manned 24hrs a day. You will receive a quick response.

Can anyone use the BUDDY service?
Yes, anyone in Australia, Canada or the UK is able to use the BUDDY service as it works with all mobile carriers. If you are travelling oversees please ensure you enable international roaming on your mobile as the service will still work.

How much does the BUDDY service Cost?
Each standard 160 character text message to BUDDY costs $4.50 in Australia. This cost does include the reply message for free. For pre-paid phones the amount will be deducted when you send a text in. For plans, the amount will show on your monthly Bill. Please be aware the costs can add up quickly so be conservative in your texting.

Will the BUDDY service change?
As stated in the Terms and Conditions, 199BUDDY Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the service or costs at any time. This will be announced on the website. Please regularly check the Terms and Conditions page on this website.

Can I be removed from receiving marketing messages?
Yes, you can simply text the word ‘STOP’ to 0438528233 or call 1800244616.